The town of Amatitán combines a centuries-long story of heritage with an ideal terroir for producing tequila. For Código 1530, the beauty of this terroir goes well beyond the region’s rich volcanic soil and impeccable water sources; it is the living, breathing representation of the region’s storied history, one that honors the elegance, the edge, the danger and the beauty of the people who have been the custodians of their tequila-making traditions for generations.

While the story behind the soil is beautiful and rich, so too is the setting of our distillery location and the broader region of Los Bajos, which sits beneath El Volcán de Tequila, whose volcanic soil gives way to some of the most fertile land in Mexico. There, the freshwater pools and rainwater naturally filter down the mountain and through the volcanic soil, producing the purest water in all of Jalisco that nurtures the finest blue agave to maturity.

Código 1530 honors our distiller’s family tradition, one defined by an unwavering dedication to using the best possible ingredients and methods to produce a tequila unlike any other. There is never a corner cut in our production process, nor are there ever any chemicals, flavorings, or sweeteners added to our spirit. Código 1530 is perfected over a lengthy, 15-day process beginning with fully-matured agave aged over seven years, which are cooked in our stainless-steel oven, fermented utilizing an organic family's bakers yeast in Amatitán, and distilled twice in our custom-made pot stills. Our spirits are carefully aged to taste in French White Oak Napa Cabernet Barrels to ensure each and every barrel is worthy of bearing the Código 1530 name.

Código 1530 - El Tequila Privado