Our Tequila and Mezcal Collections

Código 1530 crafts each tequila and mezcal with passion and care rooted in our history. Each of our offerings has been perfected over generations using time-honored customs and the finest ingredients possible.

Agave Plant


Our primary offerings — Blanco, Rosa, Reposado, Cristalino, Añejo, and Extra Añejo — all represent the Código 1530 legacy of the world’s best tequilas. When you pour a drink from a Código 1530 tequila bottle, you’re taking part in a rich history of passion and excellence.

Agave Plant


To craft our mezcal offerings, Código 1530 partnered with a small village of artisan families who have produced the world’s best mezcals for generations. Each has been lovingly created using traditional methods and the best ingredients harvested all over Oaxaca.

Agave Plant

High Proof

For high-proof tequilas with robust flavors and a smooth finish, you can trust Código 1530. Agave plants are hand-selected and harvested at peak ripeness to ensure a sweet agave taste.

Agave Plant

George Strait

Country icon George Strait has hand-picked a selection of the finest tequilas for fans to enjoy. Each limited-edition bottle features an engraved Jerusalem cross and an image of George Strait.

Agave Plant


Código 1530 offers some of the world’s oldest, rarest tequilas. Each is crafted with passion using time-tested, traditional methods and aged in the finest French White Oak Napa Valley Cabernet wine barrels.