Juan Daly

A spirited homage to the classic Arnold Palmer, our Juan Daly is crafted to balance the perfect blend of crisp iced tea, zesty lemonade and reposado tequila creating a harmonious fusion of flavors. Whether on the golf course or sipping on the porch in the summertime, a Juan Daly will become an easy to build favorite.

Juan Daly

The Key to Making a Great Juan Daly

The Juan Daly cocktail is the perfect, carefree cocktail. A riff on an Arnold Palmer and legendary golfer, John Daly, this drink combines the crispness of iced tea with the zing of lemonade, and adds a spritied twist with the addition of Código 1530 Reposado tequila. Each sip strikes the ideal balance between sweet and tangy. Whether you are lounging by the pool, hosting a BBQ, on the golf course or just looking to unwind, the Juan Daly will be a go-to choice for an easy to make summer sipper. Cheers!

Pro tip: adding more or less lemonade will gage the sweetness.


Servings:  1   Prep time:  2 minutes

For the Juan Daly:

1 part  Código 1530 Reposado Tequila

2 parts fresh lemonade

2 parts iced tea

mint leaves

How to Prepare

1 Add Código 1530 Reposado Tequila, iced tea and lemonade to shaker with ice.

2 Shake and strain into glass with fresh ice.

3 Garnish with fresh mint.

More Ways to Enjoy Código 1530

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