Mezcal Margarita

Experience the smoky allure of a Mezcal Margarita. Our unique twist on this classic cocktail combines the earthy depth of mezcal with zesty lime, delivering a tantalizing flavor adventure in every sip. The Código 1530 Artesanal Mezcal, an ensamble of espadín and tobala and rested in sauvignon blanc barrel, gives a soft subtle smoke to the cocktail as not to overpower. A delicious combination.

Mezcal Margarita

The Key to Making a Great Mezcal Margarita

Indulge in the authentic charm of our Mezcal Margarita, where the smokiness is just right, providing the perfect balance to elevate your cocktail experience. Crafted with Código 1530 Artesanal premium mezcal, this margarita is the epitome of purity – no additives, just the pure essence of the agave ensamble of espadín and tobala. The result is a superior version of the classic Margarita, where the subtle smokiness and impeccable balance combine for a perfect margarita. This cocktail is full of Oaxcan flavors,making one of the finest Mezcal Margaritas.


Servings:  1   Prep time:  3 minutes

For the Mezcal Margarita:

1 part  Código 1530 Artesanal Mezcal

2 parts fresh squeezed orange juice

1 part lime juice

½ part agave nectar

lime wheel or peel

How to Prepare

1 Combine Código 1530 Artesanal Mezcal, orange juice, lime juice, and agave nectar to shaker with ice.

2 Shake and strain into glass with fresh ice.

3 Garnish with lime wheel or peel.

More Ways to Enjoy Código 1530

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