Tequila Martini

The tequila martini pays homage to the classic cocktail—with an exciting, herbaceous twist. This recipe combines the floral undertones of blanc vermouth and Lillet Blanc with the agave flavor of our pure, additive-free Blanco Tequila to create a dynamic martini with all the sophistication of the original.

codigo still strength martini

The Key to Making a Perfect Tequila Martini

Earthy and floral flavors shine in this charming take on a classic martini. The balanced agave taste and peppery notes of Código 1530 Blanco complement the delicate floral sweetness of blanc vermouth. Lillet Blanc lifts the drink, creating a complex yet refreshing cocktail that even martini purists are sure to enjoy.

While this simple recipe delivers complex flavor on its own, we recommend experimenting with some additions to highlight certain flavors. For a brighter cocktail, for example, consider drawing on our tequila’s citrus notes with a dash of lemon or orange bitters. Swap out the garnish for an orange or lemon slice to take the citrus elements a step further.


Servings:  1   Prep time:  5 minutes

For the Cocktail:

1½ parts Código 1530 Blanco

¾ part Lillet Blanc 

½ part blanc vermouth

1 lemon or orange twist for garnish

How to Prepare

1 Fill a cocktail shaker or mixing glass with ice.

2 Add Código 1530 Blanco, Lillet Blanc, and blanc vermouth and stir until cold.

3 Strain into a martini glass and garnish with lemon or orange twist.

More Ways to Enjoy Código 1530

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