Código 1530 Playboy II Rare Hare Anejo Conejo Double-Barrel Aged Tequila
Agave Plant

Sophisticated, Luxurious Flavor





Playboy II Rare Hare Anejo Conejo Double-Barrel Aged Tequila with wooden barrels

Añejo Tequila Perfected Over Time

The second partnership between Código and Playboy, the Rare Hare II combines the brands’ sophistication and creativity to craft another luxurious, robust Añejo tequila.

Rare Hare II is carefully aged for 18 months in the finest French White Oak Napa Valley Cabernet wine barrels to develop Código tequila’s signature smoothness. Then, it’s rested for an additional six months in French cognac casks. The distinct aging process imbues Playboy II Rare Hare with layered flavors and aromas from light floral honey to French vanilla and even cumin. The result: A singular drinking experience.

To commemorate Playboy’s founding in 1953, only 1953 bottles were released. Enjoy neat to savor each singular sip.

No Additives. Just Flavor.

  • 100% lowlands agave
  • Aged 18 months , finished six months
  • Single NOM distillery
  • Bottled at origin
  • No added chemicals, sweeteners, flavoring or coloring


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