Codigo 1530 13 Year Aged Extra Anejo Tequila
Agave Plant

Complex, Rich Flavor





13 Year Aged Extra Anejo poured in a glass

Aged Añejo Tequila Perfected Over Time.

Our Código 1530 13-year Añejo has completed an extensive aging process in French White Oak Napa Valley Cabernet wine barrels to develop a sophisticated, indulgent taste. Only 350 bottles of our 13-Year Aged Añejo have been produced in the world, making each glass a rare delicacy. Enjoy our Añejo neat or over a large ice cube to make your most special days even more memorable.

No Additives. Just Flavor.

  • 100% lowlands agave
  • Aged 13 years
  • Single NOM distillery
  • Bottled at origin
  • No added chemicals, sweeteners, flavoring or coloring


Perfectly-Balanced Cocktail Recipes

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Mr George Strait holding a Codigo 1530 Rosa Bottle
Our Story

El Tequila Privado

It’s a question often asked: What kind of tequila do those who “know” drink in Mexico? For generations, the answer has only been known to a select group of Mexico’s most respected families and Los Bajos’ finest jimadors…

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